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Friday, June 26, 2009

Have a magical weekend.

My dears, what are you doing this weekend? I'm heading up to Seattle to visit my long-lost college friend Penny. It will be my first time in Washington state, and I'm so excited. In the meantime, here are a few great posts from around the web this week...

Cute summer look.

Vintage underwater photography.

Ahh, the office. (Via For Me, For You)

Emma Watson looks pretty in Teen Vogue.

Go Oprah, go Oprah...

For his grad project, Alex Cornell imagined a Wes Anderson Film Festival--and then produced the identity, promotional materials and even a trailer. Brilliant! (Via Milk Tooth Rain)


Balloons for breakfast.

Yet another rad stash.

Bedroom swoon.

Wow. Nice shot, Mr. Sartorialist.

My first-date advice for a dude.

Yay! Chelsea started a Portland street-style blog.

Aphrodite and Adonis.

Illustrated missed connections.

Plus, shopping news:

Our favorite Portland boutique Frances May is having a summer sale.

Male New Yorkers, get thee to this pop-up men's shop.

And, randomly, I bought this American Apparel parka in navy blue and am obsessed with it. It's cute, lightweight and waterproof. Perfect for a rainy summer. I wanted to highly recommend for anyone who needs a rain jacket!

(Photo of children watching St. George slay the dragon at the Puppet Theater in the Tuileries, Paris, 1963, by Alfred Eisenstaedt)


A "cheery" disposition said...

I love the Emma Waston photo shoot! I want all her outfits in it!!!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

that balloon breakfast is positively charming! have a wonderful weekend, joanna! xo

chelsea said...

Wow! So many great links. Loved the office exhibit, the missed connections and the pretty bedroom. Oh and I love the parka! Thanks for the link to Urban Weeds as well. Have a great weekend. I hope you like Seattle and that it will be sunny for you!

girlcreateslove said...

Seattle rocks lady, that's where I'm at. It's Pride Weekend so be prepared for a crazy, colorful, fun time. I hope you fall in love with this city like I have.

Aura said...

I'm just glad it's the weekend...I could be sitting at home on my butt and I'd still love it! Cute pictures.

allison said...

you should visit Portland, Oregon!


jlc said...

i need to start using the word magical more often!!

i love this word.

Dionne said...

Those underwater shots are gorgeous, and I LOVE the Wes Anderson Film Fest stuff - those tiltshift shots he's used are sooo cute!

That breakfast balloon bouquet is so endearing!

Carol said...

Have fun in Seattle this weekend! We are supposed to have great weather so you're coming at the perfect time! I'm excited to hear about what you did here! I wont be in the city, I'll be up at my parents cabin by Mt. Rainier. you'll be able to see the mountain from downtown though. Enjoy!!

Bri said...

I have no idea where you find all of these awesome photos. They're always great.

Enjoy washington, it's so nice! And make sure to eat lots of cherries. :)

Laura. said...

sweet babies in hoods! so cute. and washington state! you will love it. what a nice little trip you are having. . . .

elizabeth said...

your blog has provided me with so many great tips, allow me to offer a few seattle tips of my own.

don't miss cafe presse & espresso vivace (stumptown is also quite good)! molly moons salted caramel ice cream is also very pleasant on a sunny day.

rhart said...

that one shot of emma watson with the ponies is the best one, dont you think?

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Cute vintage kiddies. Also love the vintage underwear post link. Have a great weekend.

alicia abood said...

joanna, thanks for the parka recommendation! it's rained literally *non-stop* in boston for the past week and a half and i have yet to own a legit rain coat. i'm moving to chicago in less than a week, but sure it rains more there than here. . . yikes. i think i have to take you up on your recommendation!

orange sugar home said...

I can't get over those underwater shots!! they are wonderful and I'd like a huge one hanging in my house!!

LouDuk said...

Seattle sounds amazing! I have never been either! Would love to go.

Elyse said...

Great links, as always!! And I LOVE that parka from AA...maybe I will be able to afford it someday. ;)

Kristin said...

Love the Office exhibit. Makes me appreciate my SAHM status for a moment. The bambino and I are enjoying a little mountain getaway with my Mom and grandmother. Hope you have a fab one!

vanessa joie said...

So much goodness... Have a wonderful weekend!

Deb said...

Thanks for the shout out, Joanna! Have a fantastic time in Seattle :)

Sammi said...

My Spanish landlord has an awesome handlebar moustache just like that one. Spain is the place where you will still find the mullet is a fashion icon mind you.

I am loving the office stuff and have sent the link around to friends of mine who work in offices.

Alya said...

Oh look at that cute boy's (or girl) face!

By the way, I've got a Perricone MD product to give away over at my blog. Come check it out :)

Melissa said...

Awesome links as usual! :)

JooJoo said...

Wish a great time with your friend! :) I loved that Bedrron swoon post

Cafe Fashionista said...

The Emma Watson photo shoot is one of my favorite ever - so magical. Have a happy weekend! :)

Sofia said...

The picture remembers me of my dad pictures when he was a little kid:P He used to use that kind of cloth. How cute:)

Great blog miss Jo:)

KINHA said...

I think you have a nice blog, beatiful photos and smart posts.Would you follow me, because I don't want to lost your blog.I’m wating your visit.

Sarah said...

I second the Cafe Presse and Vivace recommendations. Molly Moon's is an absolute MUST in Seattle, and the Olympic Sculpture Park on a sunny day will break your heart. Have the BEST time in Seattle!

Anonymous said...

That picture is the best! How adorable. And those little hats!!!

Anastasia said...

Oh my, this photo reminds me of the puppet show scene from Truffaut's 'Les Quatre Cent Coups.' (

Vintage french kiddos are the best!

Daly Essentials said...

The office one is hilarious!!

Bekväm + Elise said...

Oh! I love the new portland blog(thanks for sharing)!

Michelle said...

I adore that photo on Black*Eiffel. Have a wonderful weekend!

Emily said...

I am giving you the "one lovely blog" award because I enjoy seeing what you have posted each day! If you want to give awards to others, pick 15 blogs you love and have newly discovered. Link back to me, then link to them. Let them know you have chosen them by writing a comment on their blog. Have fun!

If Jane said...

oh love the photo of the french kids...;))
and i do want a parka...i do...

Nikki said...

Have a good weekend! If you have time, track down the skillet street food airstream trailer for some gourmet street food. It's my favorite!

Lee Beth said...

I like the looks on the faces of those children in that picture. Really expressive. Don't you just love really expressive faces. (Sounds weird to put it that way, I think, but you know what I mean) Always just makes you wonder...what were they thinking just then? What were they looking at? What was on their minds? Its like they're off somewhere else, lost in some thought, captivated by something. If only you knew what. Mysterious and beautiful, I think. I know, something so simple, and I come up with this long post. Oh, and also, thank you for wishing us a well weekend.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Aw, those children are terrified but adorable! Hope you're having a good one, too. Love the Valet advice :)

STORY said...

Welcome to Washington State Joanna!! I hope you have a great time while you are here - we love you!!
Laurie Klaue

Nikki - - Monomestile - - said...

Joanna, you will love Seattle! It's beautiful. If (by some chance :P) it rains, go out at night, in the rain, downtown. It's stunning. All the lights and the cars--magic.

Joanna Goddard said...

thanks for all these sweet comments!! you guys are so cute -- and i am loving seattle! also, the rain parka is way cuter in person than on their website, fyi :)

The Tilleys said...

what a perfect weekend for you to be in seattle! i hope you enjoyed your first trip to our fair city and state. mj said...

Hey Joanna,

You're in my home city of Seattle, welcome! I added you to my blog roll if you want to reciprocate you can find me here:

Courtney Guide to Seattle for the New York Times

Annette said...


I got some new polaroid photos- you might just enjoy them- I'm trying to entice you to come visit the desert. Do I hear apartment swap????

yes, soon! I'm dying to visit New York.


The Lil Bee said...

I love that Sart shot, too!

flaneuse said...


I love all your recommendations, do you have plans for a NY guidesoon? We ara coming to NY in july for our honeymoon!

Magchunk said...

Joanna! Welcome to my neck of the woods :) Hopefully you can help spread the word that it's not ALWAYS rainy here. Isn't the weather beautiful?

Jessie Cacciola said...

hope you've had a great weekend, joanna! psst: stop by my blog for a giveaway: vases! :)

Catch Me If You Can said...

Emma Waston is great thanks for the inspiration!

TheBeautyFile said...

i think i might be obsessed with the missed connections illustrated blog...oh dear, it's positively amazing!

esther said...

Hi! I love your blog and have been following it for a while. I've recently started a food blog of some sort. whenever you have the time, stop by and say hello!

all the bests,

Laura B said...

I had a Mad Hatters Tea Party!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

thanks for the incredible links

Carissa said...

ok, so when I first read "vintage underwater photography" I read it as "vintage UNDERWEAR photography" and I was like "What??" So you know I clicked on it. Then I realized my mistake... but I loved the photos anyway!

and Emma Watson does look so pretty in that spread. beautiful images.

Nikolett said...

I hope you had an amazing time in Washington! That's great to reunite with a friend :) And thanks for sharing all those links.

My weekend was spent celebrating two separate birthdays and then catching up on sleep, which was fun!

Lucy said...

do you ever wonder if you've directly inspired someone?

my friend recommended a cup of jo and i follow it rather religiously. it's early days yet, but i just thought i'd let you know that you have inspired me to create my first blog. i'm quite a young'un and a tad technologically inept, but i'm doing the best i can and having a lot of fun with it.
thank you so much joanna :)
xx Lucy

cecyl said...

oh, thank you for all these inspirations for the following weekend; look in here! and here:

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