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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Which foods DON’T you like?

We've talked about delicious meals, but what foods don't you like? Spill the beans...

My list:

Apparently, some people are genetically predisposed to dislike cilantro, says the New York Times. To my taste buds, cilantro taste like soap. (Julia Child couldn't stand it, either.)

P.S. My all-time favorite food, and 10 handy table manners.

(Photo by Jamie Beck for Gilt Taste. Cartoon by Peter C. Vey for the New Yorker)


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Shanti Das said...

Raisins, pickled onions, bacon, peanuts, peanut butter, anchovies, olives, prawns, marmite, boiled egg, cauliflower. Ugh, felt a little disgusted just writing that list.

Rachel said...

This is going to sound weird to everyone, but I don't like cheese. The taste and smell make me gag- I only will eat it on pizza because I can't really taste it that way.

Life Unsweetened

annie said...

goat cheese
cumin and thyme
black licorice

Erin said...

cooked fruits- slimy/limp fruit, no thanks!
bananas- texture is gross. But in a smoothie, ok.
Tomatoes- the flavor horrifies me, plus, those slimy seeds, nasty!

Lindsay said...

Lima beans. Unfortunately they often make an appearance in succotash at family holiday meals, so I strategically scoop my portion with as much corn and as few lima beans as possible. It's hard to be discreet about it, but I try!

laurencapri said...

I like most foods, my only absolute NOs are mushrooms, olives, and dried fruits bigger than raisins.

My weirder issue is that I can't put multiple foods in my mouth at once. They can touch each other and be mixed together but I have to be able to separate each bite out. So if I have port fried rice I eat a bite of rice, a bite of pork, a bite of egg etc. I have a hard time with soup because it is difficult to see and separate the foods. Sauce on food is ok, I think it is the mixture of consistencies that skeives me out.

Jordan Jaked said...

...i'm obsessed with cilantro.

i can't eat fish. or any seafood for that matter. it totally grosses me out.

i also do not like pimento cheese, and i detest olives.

chicken on the bone freaks me out, and i will not eat grits.

i'm picky...

--r said...

your hates are some of my faves. however: meat, processed cheese food products (gag), and avocados are tops on my list of "i will so not eat that, thankyouverymuch."

Emily said...

I have quite a long list of foods I don't like that much or change my mind about a lot (ex: I keep switching between liking and disliking peanut butter).
Here's the list of foods I will not eat no matter what: salami, pickles/pickled foods, mustard, bell peppers, jalapeños, relish, coleslaw... the list goes on.

Susan said...

beets, coconut, brussel sprouts, rice pudding and anything too spicy.

pelirojo said...

I like to think I'm gastronomically adventurous and I'll try anything once but after living for 4 years in the Cezch Republic I'm feeling more cowardly these days - Carp anyone?
These are also on my never again list:
Milk Chocolate and especially milk chocolate with nuts
Ice cream
Any kind of beef/meat stew like Cassoulet (gastroenteritis 3 times) & Daube

Julia from Dozen Flours said...

Tuna casserole is my kryptonite.

Sidsel_._ said...

anything with cherry flavour - except fresh cherries
green peppers
and all melons - except watermelon.

LOVE licorice and cilantro

blsmith6 said...

I could not agree more when it comes to cilantro. It's the worst!

Shaleya Brett said...

I hate:

raw onions
black licorice

I have many more but can't think of any...

kathryn said...

I hate Olives and Tomatoes. Yuck. I really like Cilantro though.

Donna said...

Bananas, pickles, most dried fruit, cumbers. Love this silly post!

Katrina said...

I don't like meat either! Or mushrooms. And I hated cilantro until I got pregnant and then I LOVED it.

face said...

i dislike: cumin, cake, eggplant & anything highly processed

SteffanyF said...

Oh my gosh. I am the LEAST picky person in the world! I can't think of something I would not be willing to eat. I ate pig brain at a restaurant in Boston, spleen toast in Baltimore, and I love marrow bones more than life.

Liz said...

Raw tomatoes
Canned tuna
Eggs with runny yolks


J.M. Swanson said...

Green bell peppers are the only food other than runny egg yolks that I don't like

juliet.november.whiskey said...

The first time I had galangal ginger(in Thai tom yum soup)I LOVED it. Strangely, every subsequent time I ate it, I liked it less and less. . . and now I HATE it with a passion! So weird. I do like regular ginger--oh, but candied ginger is a big no. Haha. Also on my bad list: liver (pate is cool though), overcooked eggs (especially browned omelettes -yuck!), herring, artificially sweetened things, fast food "chicken" and most commercial doughnuts (they taste like pure wax to me). I like almost everything else. Your list sounds delicious, Joanna! ;-)

J.M. Swanson said...

Green bell peppers are the only food other than runny egg yolks that I don't like

Angie said...

I too am a Cilantro "hater", my friends and family make constant fun of me. I almost want to tell waiters I am allergic I dislike it so much.

Shannon Hughes said...

I don't like things that are white- milk, mayo, ranch good.

Paulina Maselli said...

I only have two:
and...... Peanut Butter (most people can't believe this one) hahah

oh, and licorice. But, who likes licorice???

Molly said...

I have some less prefferred foods... like you, I'm not a huge banana fan.

But there is one food I cannot support, ever.... LIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice said...

I had to google cilantro, in the UK we call it coriander. I've never heard of people not liking it, strange! I love it.

I also LOVE licourice. I'm genuinely baffled that most people don't like coriander and licourice.

I don't like fish/seafood, eggs, American/Hersheys chocolate (I don’t know what they put in it, it makes me gag), duck, mustard, cooked ham, olives, brussel sprouts, horseradish, aubergine, onions, iceberg lettuce, liver, courgettes, barbeque sauce, mushrooms, dates and prunes, fresh tomatoes, avocado, grapefruit, mango ... I guess I'm fussier than I thought ...

The Slow Pace said...

Um... I think I like everything... maybe that's why I my hips are this size... umpf...

Courtney Suzanne said...

I just gave up on liking brussels sprouts. I tried and tried to like them, but they are bitter. I also cannot eat cooked carrots.

I rarely eat dill pickles, but when I was pregnant, I was eating a jar a week! Now, I'm back to not liking them again. I especially hate sweet pickles.

The one thing I can't even be in the room with is canned fish. It smells like canned cat food to me. One whiff and I am out the door.

Elisabeth said...

Hey! We have some of the same things on our list! I don't like: bananas, raisins, oysters, or peanut butter or coffee flavored desserts (with the exception of tirimasu).

Gabrielle said...

Cow mik (mild lactose intolerance, and now the smell just gets me)
Radishes of any type
Raw bell peppers (but can tolerate them in cooked dishes or roasted)
Too ripe bananas (can only do them when they are just turned yellow from being green)
Water melon
American cheese (the fake processed stuff, the yellow/orange bland cheddar, so many of them are just yuck)
Over salted foods.

I have a long list of meats I don't like as we lived on a farm when I was young, and I had to help with 'processing' the animals we had for our own food. So the smells of these just really get to me.
Roast pork or pork chops (but I like bacon, ham etc.)
Roast turkey

Nancy said...

Oh my, I feel I am not that picky actually but I was a terrible bad eater as a kid. I didn't like anything. My mother had to listen to me whine every evening when she told me what we were going to eat for dinner... Poor mom. I have apologized for it a dozen of times. And now... I eat just about anything!
But what I don't like:
Chicory - only when it's cooked I don't like it, but in a salad or with shrimps it's ok

I simply don't make those dishes now. My boyfriend LOVES sauerkraut but when I was making him a meal of sauerkraut I literally gagged above the stove. That was the end of it - he loved me even more for making it for him :)

Oh and I have been really sick from a sandwich with ham and cheese. The ham wasn't good anymore and I have been sick for days! For over a half a year I didn't want to eat ham anymore, even the smell of it made me sick. I am almost sure that happens to just about anyone who has had foodpoisoned. I love ham now again, thankfully.


Vaughna said...

I find this interesting because I know so many people who don't like the same items on your list: cilantro (tastes like soap), walnuts (tasts like dirt), raisins, licorice...

For me - nothing pickled or briney (olives). Plus nothing too ugly (squid) or too cute (lamb).

Jamie said...

I don't have much I don't like, but as for Cilantro... LOVE IT!!!! It's probably my favorite herb, followed closely by basil, and then everything else is far behind. That's so interesting that some people are genetically predisposed to dislike it! And you think it tastes like soap... so interesting! I like pretty much all food, so I honestly can't think of a dislike list... there isn't anything i wouldn't try once, and then I usually like it lol. I could say sweet potatoes but those have been growing on me lately. Black licorice is definitely not that great.

skyebluelake said...

Squash and all its relatives, including zucchini.

Stars and Strutz said...

I agree, cilantro is a no-no.

I cannot drink milk. Weird, I love cheese, cream, anything with milk IN it, but can't drink milk alone!


Britani Sidwell said...

cilantro? that breaks my heart. it's one of my favorite flavor enhancers..but i get it.

I hate lima beans. they feel like tiny bags of sand in my mouth. It's really more of a textural than a taste thing. i do love their hue of green though.

Angela said...

i have heard that about cilantro! i'm one of the lucky lovers of it: ) thanks, DNA!

i don't like:
cantaloupe or honeydew melon
blue cheese
and ranch on pizza, gross!

Lovely Llorys

Cris said...

Cilantro/Coriander is my all time hated taste/food/herb ever!
(and yes, I have also heard of the genetic link and the tasting like soap....I am very annoying to eat with, especially at Mexican restaurants)

Brussel sprouts
fishy fish
lima beans
Olives (green are especially offensive)
goat cheese
bleu cheese

I am sure there are a lot more, but those are the ones that come to mind. I have a lot that I do like too...some a little too much! :)

CLP said...

I don't like bananas if they are too ripe, its a texture thing for me. I like roasted potatoes but not mashed, same goes with squash, if its soft and mealy I don't like it.
I also don't like licorice either.

Lindsay said...

I really don't like milk; it makes me gag a little. And baked goods that are sweet. Like pies and muffins and banana bread and most cakes. Ew, and vanilla ice cream. Gross!

I think this makes me a little weird? Ha!

thisgirlsawriter said...

Oh funny, I hate cilantro too, and my husband thinks I'm nuts! It DOES taste like soap to me, too! What's weirder is that this is recent, like in the last three years. Before, I had no issues with cilantro! Others on my list are peppers, runny eggs, any dried fruit, overripe bananas, coconut, chocolate chip cookies & fudge (weird huh?), celery, and bread crusts:)

Stella said...

I LOVE cilantro. But I hate mushrooms (just the texture, mushroom flavored sauces & soups are yummy) and carbonation (soda, sparkling water, ANYTHING with carbonation in it ick ick ick). My husband likes everything except pickles. He can't stand pickles!

Ana de Almeida said...

Cilantro is one of my favourite herbs, if not my favourite! I had to google it to be sure it was the same as coriander (I always use this word instead) and found this There are a lot more people like you out there! ahahah I don't like cucumber and watermelon. Even the smell bothers me a bit. And I cannot really tell why I don't like them, I just don't. My boyfriend thinks of me as a pretty picky person... the truth is that I am a bit, but I also was taught as a kid never to say I don't like something when I am eating at someone else's place. I will always hear my parents in my head saying "you say it's not your favourite food, so you will have just a little'. I also feel like my taste changed a lot around the time I was 25ish... I started liking way more stuff!

ancestreats said...

Oysters also make my list. The only veggie I've never been able to enjoy is okra. But, since I can't remember the last time I even tried...maybe I should go for it now that I'm older. Thanks for bringing this up.

SuzyMcQ said...

I'm a big condiment disliker...mayo, mustard, ick! I'm with you on the oysters and raisins too. Don't eat many fruits, either, certainly none that are small and round.....or really, round, period.....grapes, oranges, peaches, nectarines, etc.

Kate said...

Joanna, I used to absolutely abhor cilantro until I made Donna Hay's Coriander Chicken recipe (I can't find the link - sorry!). Six cups of cilantro later and, while I still don't love it, I can at least eat it.

Elisha said...

I'm not too picky but one food that tastes horrible to me is grapefruit! I always see delicious cocktails with it but every time I've attempted it just doesn't work for me.

ksmith90 said...

I recall hearing once that most food dislikes are about texture - not taste!

Sherry Williams said...

I love everything you hate with the exception of black
Licorice. Other then that I can't think of anything I don't like and I have had some
Pretty crazy foods. Mmm oysters, I had some yesterday.

Oh wait, I don't like lime kool-aid or black cherry koolaid

I'm reading through these comments and I can't believe I haven't found anything that I don't like.

ksmith90 said...

I'm amazed at the number of people who don't like bananas! I don't think I ever met anyone who didn't like them - or at least admit to it. My list of dislikes keeps growing as I read through everyone's comments. Mine are:


Other dislikes tend to be situational...for a long time I hated olives. But I'm learning to appreciate them in small doses. I won't eat one whole, by itself. But small pieces mixed into a salad are sometime just the ticket!

Sammi said...

Peas, Baked Beans, Onions, and celery!

slip4 said...

Calamari, frozen green peas and cubed carrots mix, mushrooms of ANY kind, beets that aren't pickled, any strange meat parts (tongue, offal, anything vaguely intestinal, feet, brains, etc) although I love the occasional well-cooked liver and onions if I don't have to cook it (contradictory, I know) and snails.

celia said...

There aren't too many foods that i dislike. Maybe Liver, but that's about it :-D

Clarissa said...

Graham crackers are a black abyss of blandness. Peh.

stacy said...

this justmade me laugh! "put it on like you are joking"- LOL!!!

stacy said...

Goat cheese
Gamey or exotic meats like venison or rabbit
avocado (unless its made into guacamole)

Claire Star said...

I won't even eat ANY type of seafood - I think all of it looks/smells disgusting. And living in Seattle I get these incredulous looks all the time. haha

Other things:
mushrooms - convinced I'm allergic to them, as I always get nauseous
really smelly cheeses
mochi - I image dust would taste the same...
cooked tomatoes - raw they're delicious, but when heated gross
cheap green tea - it smells like bacon, no joke

So I realize that's a lot. But if the will eat to won't eat ratio is bigger, I think I'm okay... haha :)

Katherine said...

Hmm...for someone who survived on grilled cheese and eggo waffles until the age of 18, i'll eat just about anything now! i like everything on your "hate" list except bananas (gross), and black licorice. my dislikes are:

yellow mustard
canned tuna
fast food burgers (i've actually never had one...but, GROSS)
hard boiled eggs (i can deal if they're chopped into a salad)
chocolates with cherries inside

old italian wives tale - for a long happy, marriage made of "true love" one person must like olives and the other must hate them. true for me and my husband, and my parents!

and like you, i could survive on cheese (and crusty baguettes) for the rest of my life. i love murray's. you should try d'affinois next time you go, it's like brie but way creamier and richer and you'll never be able to stop eating it.

Rachel Chapman said...


FRUIT (ugh, I just hate fruit. Why does everyone like it so much?!):
Raspberries (or anything Raspberry flavored or scented)
etc., you get the idea...The only fruit I'll eat are bananas and canteloupe, but they really don't do anything for me and are tremendously neutral. I'll eat them if I have to and not be particularly happy or upset about it.

lemon-mint flavored things
menthol/peppermint (but I love every other kind of mint!)

VEGETABLES (excluding cukes)

Kelsey Brown said...

Will not ever eat:
Bleu cheese
White sandwich bread
Miracle Whip
white chocolate
Unripe or ripe bananas (I only like 'em over ripe and brown speckled)

I do love walnuts, pickles, mushrooms, and Mayo. Loooove Mayo. But I swear by Duke's brand.

Scott M. said...

I dislike marshmallows, especially when utilized as an ingredient. I hate everything jellied and jell-o too. Most anything processed I despise. I will not drink milk/cream or use it except the once per year white russian. I also will not touch gravy.

Other than that I love all food! I've ingested most everything and am usually down for seconds, the fresher and simpler the better, but who can turn down a fish fry on Sunday?

Unknown said...

wine (its warm and tangy yuck)
sliced tomato (I hate tomato innards)
melon (ugh at cantelope and honeydew...its like too tough for fruit)
dark chocolate
red tomato sauce (I dont like spaghetti for this reason)
orange juice (way too tangy and sweet)

things I love most people hate?
cilantro! ( its refreshing, crisp, and tropical to me)
olives, green and black
whole grain or spicy mustard
bell pepper
white chocolate (adore it)
black coffee, no cream milk or sugar
grapefruit juice

Claire said...

i used to not like cilantro or parsley but now i looove them both. cilantro tastes like soap to me too but it also tastes like butter

Erica Blitz said...

Black liquorice
Meat - including chicken + turkey
Ice cream.

Laura lee loo. said...


Jamie Lynn said...

Tomatoes. Raisins. Raw onions. Canned green beans. I don't hate cilantro but sometimes it tastes/smells like cardboard.

Arielle Wren said...

My mother says the exact same thing about cilantro! I happen to love cilantro so I can't say I taste soap but it's funny that you say the same thing!

els said...

Definitely think cilantro tastes like soap, also! And when it comes to mushrooms, sometimes tomatoes, oysters, and weird meats like head cheese, I can't deal. Ugh reading people's lists made me feel sicky.

eastcoastbird said...

Mint/chocolate combination is my least favorite! YUCK! I could never understand why everyone is OBSESSED with Thin Mints and Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream. This combination is possitively repulsive to me.
I also hate Root Beer.

Anna said...

Anything that flies or runs. The idea of eating a mammal makes me sick.

Emily said...

I'm oddly a lot pickier with my drinks than I am with my food. Cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and ALL TEAS are out of the question. To me, teas are the most misleading taste in the world. If only they tasted as good as they smelled, I may enjoy them.

Jessica said...

Wow, these lists are making me hungry because I love all these foods people hate. Especially oysters. But that's ok - more for us crustacean-lovers!

Amanda Carr said...

FENNEL TASTES LIKE LICORICE and I really wish a liked fresh mint, but it just doesn't taste edible to me.

Nicole Mattke said...

I can't do mayonnaise, bologna, stuffing at Thanksgiving, ricotta cheese, green or wax beans, or...peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They are the WORST.

tragicsandwich said...

I like most of the things on your list, but I'm with you on oysters! Here's my list:


I also don't really like chicken or turkey.

Lindsey said...

I will happily eat just about any flavor, but if something jiggles, i'm not even willing to try it. Blech!

Fernanda Franco said...

I eat pretty much everything! But my boyfriend can't stand shrimp, tomatoes and coconut. However he loves liver !

yogurtlusemiz said...

such a creative topic!

Do you know that when you change the country, the taste of the vegetables and fruits change... For examle, I have been in U.S for 3 years and still cilantro in here tastes awful. But once in every year I go back to my country and it tastes sooo wonderful.

Other than that I have disliked celery in everywhere

Rachel Lynn Donze said...

onions. creamed onion soup especially.

Mina said...

I get flack for it all the time. But, I don't like tomatoes, onions or mushrooms... oh... and olives. Hate those too. Glad I'm not the only one who dislikes certain foods. : )

Jamie B said...

Seafood and shellfish, any which way it is done the texture kills me

Hot dogs (I've been vegetarian for some 7 years and even the very realistic veggie hot dogs are a no go)

Bologna and anything like it

bean sprouts

cooked eggplant when it is slimy

cooked mushrooms, also slimy

Krista said...

I used to be a very picky eater, but a few years ago I started trying foods I've always loathed...and now I LOVE some of them! Tomatoes, coffee, chard, fancy olives, zucchini, asparagus- love them all! I still can't stand bananas or bell peppers, but who knows, that may change soon. Be brave and try something- you never know!

skullandcrosstales said...

There are so many!
Broccoli, olives, raw onion, celery, muschrooms, eggplant, pickles/ghurkins, TVP, vegemite, coffee.....and that's coming from a vegetarian!
(the mushrooms and eggplants are a texture thing, not the taste)

skullandcrosstales said...

Oh and also eggs and sultanas!

Amanda said...

Pumpkin pie.
Soda pop (call me crazy, I can't stand the stuff)
Black licorice. And pretty much all candy. Faux favors make me gag.

Amanda said...

Pumpkin pie.
Soda pop (call me crazy, I can't stand the stuff)
Black licorice. And pretty much all candy. Faux favors make me gag.

Allison said...

ohh i LOVE cilantro. definitely my herb of choice.

I hate:

also, i don't really like bread...any kind of bread/rolls/bagels/etc. people think i'm crazy.

Jessica Quadra Andrews said...

i strongly dislike fruit (raw or cooked) in non-dessert food. for example, cranberries in salad, apple sauce with pork chops, etc. so gross! i also don't like meatloaf and i find that everyone i tell that to responds with, "well, you've never had my mom's." :|

Jessica Quadra Andrews said...

i strongly dislike cooked fruit in non-dessert foods. i.e. cranberries in salad, apple sauce with pork chops, etc. i also don't like meatloaf and find that everyone i tell that to responds with, "well, you haven't tried my mom's."

Emmy said...

I love everything on your list! I'd eat it all!

There isn't much I won't eat, but I'm not the biggest fan of refried beans, mayonnaise, and most deep fried or southern foods.

Ali said...

That's funny because I hate everything on your list except for salami, and I only eat it on pizza with red peppers.

igotclucky said...

Gravy- as a former midwesterner people thought I was crazy. No food should form it's own protective skin when it's cooling.

This might be why I also dislike pudding and jello.

I am with you on the raisins.

Maria said...

Jumping in here to say that I HATE cilantro and licorice with the fieriest of passions!

Maria xx

Robin said...

I don't like pumpkin, melon and any strong, smelly cheese.
Also, I don't like coffee. At all!

Grace said...

That is fascinating! I love most things on your list (except for licorice - that I totally get)

My list would be:
Most cheese (bar Swiss, Gouda and Mozzarella)
"Weird" meat
Oatmeal (the texture!)
Cottage cheese (once again, texture!)
Any type of soft drink
Mayo - glad to see so many other people agree too. Most people I know think I'm crazy

Magatha-May said...

Most things that I don't like are only when they're raw - tomatoes, celery, olives, raspberries, unless they're chopped up finely. It's more of a texture thing for me.

Yellow mustard, kiwis and lamb however will never be on my list of nice food. Nor will currants or the thoughts of ginger in savory dishes.

Beautiful Things said...

Lol, I had to google cilantro to find out what it was - coriander! I can't remember who it was who said 'England and America are two countries separated by the same language' but there's a lot of truth in it. x

Gemma said...

I used to hate coriander (cilantro) but gradually came around to liking it and now I use loads of it. But I absolutely can't stand raw tomatoes, offal, pâté, pineapple, and tuna (unless it's raw). I'm sure there are plenty of other things but those are the main ones!

Maywyn said...

Lima beans are evil.

beef unless it's been beamed up as sausage
all weird foods

All of the above is dependent on my not being in a state of starvation

Isa said...

I LOVE cilantro. But (and I'm pretty sure I'm a minority here) I can't STAND bacon and papaya makes me want to puke!

portercolline said...

Oh Sarah you have really made me laugh.

Glasgow Kisses said...

I had to google cilantro when I was in America this summer because it kept getting mentioned as an ingredient but I'd never heard of it before. In the UK it's coriander. Honestly, I thought it was some new American herb that we didn't have at home!

Maria Ana said...

Bananas really?:)
Cilantro is coriander, right? I love it but my mom says it smells like pee (ahah).
I hate squid, octopus, anything in a shell, the rubbery thing-ys and seefood.


Insane said...

Coconot punch (but I avoid drink alcohol now so it's not a problem anymore)

I don't eat meat but this is a different subject.

I looooove the meat but I can't stand the way we killed animals. In my religion, we learned that we can't afraid animals, show them the knife, scared them or killed them in front of each others. This is why I avoid meat unless I know exactly how the animal used to live and who killed him / where/ how.
Because it's almost impossible to respect these rules in my country, I just don't eat meat anymore. To be honest, even all the rules are respected, I find really sad to eat the meat so most of the time I prefer don't eat it. Even I loveeeeeeee the taste.

Also, I can't eat babies animals. I just find that horrible.

Insane said...

so true !

catarina said...

Maybe someone already said this, but I also didn't like cilantro at all! But one day I went to live with family who cooked, almost everything, with cilantro, first weeks were terrible, I couldnt eat, after I started to like and now... now I love it!
You should try a Chilean/ columbian/ peruvian... sauce with cilantro, they call it 'pebre'... delicious!
Your blog is so interesting and beautiful, and I dont know you, but you seem so kind!
catarina from portugal

Rachel said...

I am with you on your list....except for cilantro. I LOVE IT. It's my favorite herb and it I put it on almost everything. I even planted it in order to always have a supply!

I will add watermelon to your list. It always tastes grainy to me for some reason.

Sarah Lillian said...

Cilantro tastes like soap to me too!!! I cannot stand eating anything with cilantro in it, even just a tiny bit.

Saguna said...

I LOVE raisins. Especially the ones in little red boxes. Childhood memories.

My list would have to include meat, yes. I'm a pescetarian though so I love 99% seafood. Minus octopus, they're just too intelligent to serve up on a plate.

Also dislike ripe cheese- goat cheese is lovely but definitely NOT Limburger.

Ms. Magpie said...

Bananas, ground beef, canned tuna, cilantro, olives, and chocolate. This is probably somebody else's favorite food list!

Johanna Kolb said...

honey and anchovies

Nicole said...

Pickles and ketchup

Hena Tayeb said...


Cortney said...

I have never liked ketchup, mustard, salad dressing of any kind, or mayo. Generally, no condiments. Only recently did I realize that the connection between all of the foods I dislike is vinegar. So I guess the short answer is: I don't like vinegar.

Liz said...

Such a fun post! I didn't realize disliking cilantro was genetic; I just thought I could INSIST to people that it's delicious and eventually they'd believe me :)

As for dislikes, I can't stand horseradish or anything that kind of tastes like it, like wasabi and mustard. Luckily that's pretty easy to avoid! I don't really like any seafood either, which is a bummer because I know people that love it REALLY love it. It's just that particular from-the-sea taste, I can't get over it.

Claire said...

Raw tomatoes and cooked carrots... Although I love carrot ginger soup.

Reading these comments is making my mouth water because most of my fave foods are listed!

Jamie said...

ah cilantro! Agreed that it tastes like soap. gross! I also dislike cheesecake. Like, it touches my tounge and I have to spit it out dislike it! Something about the mixture of sugar and cheese that doesn't sit right with me.

gec said...

Cauliflower. Always hated it, now I never have to eat it again because I'm all grown up. I didn't like, but grew to like: peas, tomatoes, broccoli. I found it a bit hypocritical that my parents forced me to eat certain things but secretly didn't cook things they didn't like, e.g. brussel sprouts. Also, with a lot of things I find it depends on how you cook it. I hate over-cooked broccoli. My favourite way to eat it is blanched with a bit of mayonnaise.

I also don't like raw onions in salads or wraps. Sweetcorn in salads. Liver. But I think these are more common dislikes.

My mom always says cilantro tastes like the smell of a stink bug. I like it though, even though I understand what she means.

jacobithegreat said...

onions. Raisins- but dried cranberries are ok. licorice. spearmint- but peppermint is ok. I hate cilantro, too. Apparently these are commonly disliked foods! said...

i think people said it tastes like soap...not soup :) i love it too though! so i don't get that either!

Joanie said...

Oh my goodness - totally with you on cilantro. I cannot stand it. The tiniest bit ruins a meal for me!!!!!

Hanna said...

Sweet potatoes.. and then some weird stuff I've tried, like 1000-year-old eggs.

Rachel Marie Shutterbugwriter said...

I don't care for bananas, strawberries (it's the texture of both), eggplant, horchata, cheap beer, and licorice

Heather said...

I can't stand cilantro or parsley, they both taste soapy to me and my stomach cramps after I eat them.

Polly Rowan said...

I just had to google cilantro and found out it is the same as what us English folks call coriander! I really really had parsnips. EW! And anchovies make me gag.

Ana Simões said...

I'm lucky enough to hate all pricey food:
foie gras (or any kinf of pate)
smoked salmon

Then there is the crazy relationship with butter: I love in on bread or scones. Anywhere else - biscuits, cakes, rice, fish gravy... it just makes me gag.

Unknown said...

Love this post! I love to eat, with a few exceptions:
Bananas (though I can eat banana bread & chocolate, peanut butter & banana shakes, as long as there are NO chunks in it!)
Rosemary (absolutely ruins food for me
Sour Cream (as a condiment - I can handle it mixed in to things)
Black Licorice

Sarah said...

licorice - YUCK, have no idea how anyone could eat it and enjoy it!!


Smeshdod said...

Me too!!! Then comes... "so where do you get your protein"? Haha ;) said...

Boiled chicken
Root beer
And I know I'm crazy for this, but I HATE tomatoes. I try so hard to like them, but I just can't.

Tiffany said...

I think I may be the only person on the planet, but I really hate blueberries! They just tick me off cause they got some good press somewhere about antioxidants and now if you say you don't like them, people just jump down your throat and scold you! I always reply with the fact that while I can't stand blueberries, I LOVE saskatoons ("service berries" to some) and they have about 100 times the antioxidants that blueberries have. Blueberries are just so insipid and bland....I just don't understand what people see in them. I also don't like cooked strawberries, canned ham (ugh so slimy!), or calamari. I do love cilantro though.

Unknown said...


Most condiments (mustard, mayo, ketchup, salad dressings, relishes, vinegar, pickles)

Fermented food (sauerkraut, kimchi, etc.)


Liver (don't eat the filter) and other offal


halakat Zigo said...

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Kam Sam said...

Hahaha, just reading this post now and am laughing out loud, you don't like everything I can't live without. Licorice is my favourite candy ever :)

Angela Bray said...

sea urchin
mashed potatoes
black licorice
twizzlers (are twizzlers even a food?)

Mat said...

I don't like clams! I actually hate them so much bleeee and of course cauliflower is so bad :P

Mat said...

I hate mussels sooo much I can not touch them bleeee and of course the cauliflower :P

Tamara Michelle said...

There has to be a name for someone like me...
I hate peanuts (and nuts, in general) but LOVE creamy peanut better.
Can't stand cucumbers, but I love a good smooth tzatzitki sauce>

Making it Anywhere said...

Reading the article, i didn't think my list was very long, then reading the comments i realized it was! I cant stand:
Licorice (red or black)
tomato sauces (marina, ketchup, all of it... to acidic or something)
Smoked anything (my mother loves smoked almonds and sometimes i accidentally eat one and am grossed out for days!)
Lima Beans
Cottage cheese
and meat... it just tastes gross to me, like diseases and nastiness... except well cooked fresh wild salmon.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty picky, but the two things I hate most? Onions and cilantro. Ugh. Just the thought of either grosses me out.

Keyah said...

I don't like any kind of Pork (yes that includes bacon). I also do not care for milk.

Keyah said...

I don't like any kind of Pork (yes that includes bacon). I also do not care for milk.

magretini said...

What about Nutmeg?! You can make me very unhappy with food spiced with nutmeg and I am not a big fan of coriander nor parsley, I think most of the herbs actually, but I am learning! And green tea without a added flavour

When it comes to food i am very easy. I love all fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, you name it! Except when it comes to meat

Michael Wilson said...

I can't stand the taste cheese, any and all kinds. It makes me gag. I also don't like mayo , sour cream, and salad dressing. Beyond that, I'll eat pretty much anything.

ohshellsbells said...

your list is remarkably similar to mine. i was reading it and it was check check check after every one

Jennifer said...

I'm thankful for variety, but I'll pass on durian (which my kids love), creamed corn and cherry pie.

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