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Friday, January 18, 2013

Potty training advice?

Help! This weekend, we're attempting to potty train.

We were originally planning start potty training right before the holidays, but decided to wait until our trip was over. (We figured diapers would be best on car trips and airplanes.)

But, now, we're ready. A reader recommended this website, which instructs us to spend a weekend at home with Toby totally naked. Sounds strange, but the site says it helps your child realize that they're not wearing a diaper and instead should use the potty. Is that what you guys did? Did it work? I'd be incredibly grateful for any tips and advice.

Most of all: Go, Toby! What a little hero!

(Photo of Toby from the holidays)


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maticki said...

hmm, interesting read. we have been trying for months with just letting her sit on it in the mornings and that works but she still refuses to poo in it. she waits to get clean nappy and then does it:)

she is, owever, only 26 months old.... I ll try naked weekend!

Mrs. Wolf said...

Let Toby pick out his new underwear

Erin Oh said...

hi i'm reader from korea! i succeeded in potty training in 2 weeks!!!

#1 i made a face on the the cover of the potty. so when you open it to pee there is a smily face on it. the potty is your peeing and poop friend! something like that!

#2 showing other babies his age or 1 or 2 years older (some one he thinks of his playmate.. not adults!)using the potty really works! find some on youtube or find some cartoon clips of cartoon characters using the potty!!!! make sure you show him several times before you start training.. his friends or the video clips!!!!

#3 use bribes... i used jelly!!! I know they say bribes are the worst thing to use for teaching things to your baby... but still it works!!! i only let him have jellies after my son tried to pee or pooo on the potty, and 2 jellies if he his pee and poo performance on the potty was perfect!!!

Hollie Holloway said...

I work in a nursery and have tried probably all techniques for potty training,and every child is different. Although I have found some trends. I am not a fan of Pull ups as they arent any different from a nappy in terms of recognising when to go. I think it is best to go straight into underwear if possible as the child learns to identify the uncomfortable wet feeling quicker.
I also think rewards are necessary, particularly when tailored to the child. I love the Bike idea, but a less expensive option is sweeties or favourite cartoon stickers. Make sure these things are consistantly given. Ive seen a child relapse quickly because the rewards werent given. And I also 100% agree that the most important tip is to be patient. It can be a long process and very very frustrating, just make sure the child never sees your frustration.
Best of Luck!

claudette said...

I would recommend waiting till he shows interest. That's what I have done with my seven kids. One trained before she was two but others around 3 years of age.

cleartheway said...

The method you listed is very good and effective for most children. My advice is to listen to your little one and follow your gut. Have him act out potty-training with this stuffed animals or other such toys. Making it seem like a normal thing that happens to most people at a certain time will help mitigate any anxiety he'll have over something so strange and new. Even simply letting him play with a pair of "big boy underwear" will be very helpful. Just make everything having to do with potty-training very prominent and very normal even in his play-life.


Kate from Clear the Way

Anchorfoot said...

When my mom was potty training us kids she would buy us underpants with our fave cartoon character on it ( spiderman , hello kitty ) and would remind us - let mommy know when you need to potty so you don't potty on spiderman. It worked for us !

AcanthusNichole said...

Agreed! We started and stopped with our son a couple times because even though he did fine once or twice, he started to get stressed and anxious about it and we didn't want him getting hysterical about using the toilet. We put it away and let things calm down for a few weeks and tried again-no pressure.

when people say you'll know when they are ready, it's totally true. If it starts to get really stressful for him, I would cool off for a bit.

Good luck!

madelynsclosets said...

Just introduce his potty toilet to him and be patient and talk to him about your child. They are smart little ones and eventually catch on. The whole naked thing is too forced in my opinion.

Sandra Carson said...

He's so cute

Michelle said...

I've potty trained two kids and both completely different. My daughter was a breeze and was out of diapers right before her 2nd birthday. My son was was very different. When I started potty training my son he was a little over two and really wasn't ready. He would go on the bjorn potty to pee, but he was never consistent and probably I wasn't either. Pooping was very hard for him. He would hide in a corner and would rather go on the floor. When I found out I was pregnant with my third I decided we had to go hard core. We spent about three days at home and I did nothing but chase after him with the bjorn potty until he realized he had to sit on the potty. We had several accidents the first day, but it got much better each day. Once he realized he had to go on the potty we brought it back to the bathroom and he would go in there. The best is to stay home as much as possible in the begining and not break routine. It was two more months before we oficially said goodbye to diapers morning and night. I never did pull ups. I think it just confuses the kids and is more of a security for the mom. Kids need to have accidents to understand they can't have them anymore. I made sure to give my son his milk at least an hour before he went to bed. i think we had maybe a few night accidents the first few months. Good Luck!

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SPL said...

I was a stubbornly independent child and wore diapers fairly late (I was probably 3 or so). One day, I told my parents I didn't need diapers anymore and never had an accident, daytime or night. As some readers have commented, even if you have difficulty, he will not be in diapers forever. Patience is key!

labergerebasque said...

We went shopping for Batman underwear (Little Mermaid for my daughters) and when they started “showing interest” we put the underwear on. It only took getting soiled one or two times (did NOT like pee dribbling down their own legs) for my 3 children to “figure it out”. I would stay completely away from “super absorbant” underwear/paperwear. All 3 “got the picture" within a week of the first real underwear. However, my son refused, for awhile, to do # 2 in the toilet. He would sneak off into a corner with a concentrated look on his face and that’s how I knew what he was up to. By about the 3-4 time I stuck him in the empty bathtub with a box of wipes and clean underwear telling him he “could now clean his mess” He was horrified. I left him alone for a few minutes and then asked if he would like me to help him. He said yes…so I did. He never did it again. :)

J's Dukan Blog said...

I skipped the potty entirely and encouraged my 2yr boy to use the toilet. I figured it would save time in the long run! I put him in big boy pants and after about 2 weeks of him having a few accidents and not liking it (nappies keep them so dry!) he was completely dry day and night. I expected to keep the nappies on him at night but after one week I noticed his nappy was totally dry in the morning, so switched him to pants at night. After 1.5 yrs he's he's only had 2 accidents at night, bless him!

skim said...

Sorry, haven't read all the comments above so apologies on any redundant info, but for our two children:

1) Get rid of Pull-ups
2) Try padded underwear (like Gerbers) so they feel the wetness
3) Read to them on the potty: 2 faves were 1. A Potty for me and 2. Everyone poops

Every child is different, so some may take awhile longer than others. Don't feel pressured from other children's early successes with potty training. We also still carry around the Folding Travel Potty that we ordered from One Step Ahead. Very convenient.

Unknown said...

I don't have any experience with this. I have a 26-month-old boy and am having a baby girl at the end of April. I had originally planned to potty train Jack starting in February so he'd be (hopefully) trained by the time the new baby comes. But many different people have warned me not to bother because once the baby comes, he will almost certainly regress and then training will be doubly hard. I don't know if that's true, but we decided to put it off till he's closer to three. I just thought I'd share because you're in the same boat.

Lisa said...

We are potty training this weekend (bare buns), we had a great time with him peeing and pooping outside (in a little potty) this summer but as the weather changed moving him indoors was much harder than I thought.

We had to move after Sandy and took some time before trying to potty train again. He had a SCREAMING fit yesterday (Day 1) "I WANT MY DIAPER". Day 2 has been much less dramatic just heard "I JUST PEED ON THE FWOOR.

Good luck, and I would love to know how its going!

EBates said...

Oh Crap Potty Training is the best. I used it for both of my kids and Jamie was a big help with any questions I had. Do it, you won't regret it!

Andrea said...

All I have to add is that you should really go a buy the Oh Crap Potty Training e-book if you haven't, and then ignore everyone who has posted above me.

A said...

Yay! You took my post! We started when our LO was 2 months. We only EC part time right now, but will hopefully be doing it more as we get used to it. Part time ECing would be a great option for working/busy parents! Wish we would have started when Sofia was born!

The Mudgetts said...

We used "Oh Crap! Potty Training!" by Jamie Glowacki. Easy to follow, no bribery needed, and wildly successful. We had no luck with the sticker chart or small toys or candy, but in 3 days, Owen was potty trained, days and nights, and we are actually excited about potty training our youngest in a year!

Tricia said...

I started using the oh crap potty book with my 25mo daughter about 2 weeks ago. It is really down to earth and makes a lot of sense. My daughter is no prodigy, but she is dry at night and as long as we offer opportunities/reminders to pee she does well during the day. We forget this sometimes, and she is so busy she forgets to tell us her bladder is about to burst open (ha!) so we are still seeing an accident every two or three days. I expect the next few weeks go to pretty much the same, hopefully with less accidents. She is going commando, but in a few weeks we'll add back in the fun undies and see how that goes.

Tricia said...

YES! The book is no nonsense and tells you exactly what you need to know. I also challenge every parent who "waits until the child is ready" to please read her book, and tell me that a 3 year old is less independent than a 2 year old. That independence is cool in a lot of ways, but it is awful when the kid wants to assert that independence during potty training. The older the kid is, the more difficult it gets.

You do NOT want to be the mom buying the size 6 diapers for your 5 year old. I stood in line behind one such mom and her embarrassment was palpable.

Jamie said...

Jamie here, from Oh Crap Potty Training. The reason behind a day or two of going naked is because you have to often teach a child mid-stream to actually move to the potty. If you child has clothes on, by the time YOU realize they are wet, they will have fully released all the pee and you will have lost the lesson. You can put clothes on your child but you will be in for a butt load of laundry until it's learned. And on the flip side, the child shouldn't be naked for too long...then you have a naked potty trained child. Which is okay if you live in a nudist colony...but most of us don't. Hope that helps!

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sarah flingstone said...

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mylife said...

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Pro Blogger said...

Like youself, I have an eight month old son and will definitely need to go through potty training process again soon.

Wish me luck! :-)

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j.c. delgaudio said...

Try the towel potty training method it works.!

True Patriot said...

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Topher Rourke said...

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Topher Rourke said...

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