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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Help! What color should we paint our living room?

Before we moved into our new Brooklyn apartment, the landlords offered to paint the walls white. But when we arrived, the paint was actually a (pretty drab) yellow cream. We'd love to freshen up the living room but are wondering: Should we paint it white or choose an entirely different color? I am officially The Worst At Choosing Paint Colors, so I would be so grateful for any advice...
In the very top photo, you can see our current yellow, as well as a swatch of dove gray that our brilliant friend Jenny Komenda recommended. I'm thinking the gray might look something like Julianne Moore's living room, which could be lovely...
Is black paint crazy? While looking around on Pinterest, I spotted a couple black living rooms. You'd think they'd feel depressing, but with bright furniture and art, the color can actually be cozy. (Although would it feel cave-like during winter?)
Dark blues are GORGEOUS...
Of course, there's something to be said for a fresh coat of white...
Or we could go in a completely different direction and do something

Thoughts? Do you like any of these? None? What color is your living room? I'd be thrilled to hear any thoughts!

(Top photo of our living room from my iPhone. White rooms: Stadshem, Ilaria. Blue rooms: Design*Sponge, Patricia Goijens. Black room: Ilaria. Gray room: Paul Costello. Pink room: Joanna Henderson)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Laundry! We're grown ups!

We moved into our new apartment about two weeks ago (I'd love to share more photos once we finish unpacking and painting), and the new place has two things we've never had before: outdoor space (a small balcony off the living room) and...a WASHER AND DRYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's the first washer and dryer Alex and I have had in our adult lives (and we're old), and I cannot tell you how happy we are that our dragging-bags-to-the-laundromat days are over.
We turned to (you guessed it) The Honest Company, one of my beloved long-term sponsors, to try their natural, non-toxic laundry supplies, including laundry detergent, non-chlorine bleach, stain remover and dryer cloths.
For lingerie and delicates, I washed everything by hand in the sink with baby shampoo (have you heard that trick?). It's gentle and smells like sweet orange vanilla—so good.
The laundry scents are very subtle, light and fresh, and the ingredients are all-natural and safe for babies and sensitive skin.
Four-year-old Toby helped me sort the laundry into colors vs. whites; we've been giving him chores lately and he takes them very seriously.
And one-year-old Anton helped by rolling around on the blanket. :)
If you'd like to try Honest, you can see their cleaning supplies here. We've loved and trusted all of their natural baby, beauty and cleaning products for years and highly recommend them. (Especially their adorable patterned diapers.) Looking forward to sharing more apartment photos soon. xo

Bonus for all readers: Get 35% off your first bundle with the code CUPOFJO35OFF, good until September 10th. Thank you, Honest!

(Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by The Honest Company, whose products our family has used for years. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that keep Cup of Jo running.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tips for moving with kids?

We're moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn this weekend, and I'm trying to figure out how to help the boys with the transition. We went to the library to read this book, and I've reassured Toby that his toys will be coming with us. But what else? Any advice? Here are a few tips I've heard...

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

And...we're moving!

Last fall, we moved from the West Village to an apartment farther downtown in Battery Park City. We planned to stay for a year or two until we could find a place in Brooklyn, but then...
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